What is Anzer honey? What are the benefits of Anzer honey?

Anzer honey is produced only in the Anzer Plateau in Rize’s İkizdere district. Anzer honey is among the delicacies unique to Turkey, health benefits, but does not stop the count. However, Anzer honey is very rare honey. There are even years when the honey produced only in Anzer Plateau never comes out.

Anzor Honey Turkey in Rize’s İkizdere the Ballıköy Anza Plateau produced in the world and his wife does not have precedents, broke with flowers covering flora, made in research 450-500 varieties in flowers, 80-90 one of them endemic flowers alone Anzor Ballıköy are also trained and The honey collected by bees from these flowers is the world famous Anzer Ballıköy Anzer flower honey, which is a cure for diseases and healing diseases.

Honey production in Anzer Plateau starts with the first week of June. In Anzer Plateau, honey is taken from the beehives in the first or second week of August depending on the climate conditions. The amount of honey production varies. In Anzer Plateau, there have been years when Anzer honey was very little or even absent.

Especially because it is a quality food, it can be used by those who are engaged in sports such as swimming, mountaineering, athletics, basketball, football, weightlifting and bicycle racing.
It is good for aches and pains.
It heals mouth sores.
It eliminates tonsillitis.
It regulates your immune system and makes you feel energetic.
It prevents intestinal irregularities. In this way, it ensures that your metabolism works well and prevents constipation.
It energizes, makes you feel good.
It is good for infectious diseases such as asthma and cough.
It prevents diseases caused by lack of vitamins.