Turkish Tradition: Black Tea

Tea was first used for medical purposes in China in 2737 BC. As time progressed, they combined tea with water and turned it into a drink. The first use of it in drinkable form coincides with the 10th century before Christ.

The word tea, which we use today as its etymological origin, came to us from Mandarin, a dialect of China. This word, which is pronounced “ça” and its software is “cha” in Latin letters, has progressed to Central Asia, Middle East and Northern countries in time. For this reason, almost all countries in this geography continue to read the word tea as “chay”.

First Tea Markets in Ottoman

The story of the Ottoman Empire, who brought coffee from the lands he ruled and initiated a new culture throughout his land, started with the importation of tea by a few shops in Istanbul. Realizing that tea is a valuable and beautiful drink, the Ottoman Empire, Sultan II. During the Abdulhamid period, he planted the saplings brought from China to Bursa, but it was not possible to grow tea here for ecological reasons.

Contrary to what is known, the Ottoman Empire, who could not show a great presence in tea, lived through the First World War. He started to import the coffee, which became a culture due to the lost lands and trade agreements, very expensive. Coffees from Yemen have become very expensive.

In this regard, measures should be thinking of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkey has started to work for the spread of tea, which is a plant that can be grown in soil. Despite the expensive side of coffee, tea has become a beverage that can be produced cheaper and easily available.

What is tea culture like today?
With the encouragement of Ataturk’s Turkey and ensure regional development now taking place in the world for a spot of tea considerable. The reason for this is not only the production base, but also the high rate of tea drinking.

the average annual per capita consumption of 6.87 kg of tea Turkey, most tea consuming country in the world. Think about it, we’re talking about a list left behind by Britain, who pioneered the development of tea.

Today, tea, smoking and in Turkey every meal of the day is consumed without any additional forms that can change the acidity of the food, especially into. It takes different names according to the infusion rate. In addition, it is consumed with granulated sugar or cracked sugar.
Enjoy your brewed tea!